Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Saturday night you were having a hard time falling asleep, so I climbed up on the top bunk with you, and cuddled you (which you were begging me to do). I have this fear that when you get to be a teenager, our open communication is going to come to a screeching halt, so I am trying to remedy that now by talking, talking, and talking some more. I told you that you can always ask me any questions, and I won't judge you. I reminded you that you could tell me anything, and that I'll always love you. So, to foster some communication, I started asking questions.

"Parker, is there anything in life that you are scared about?"


"Is there anything in life that is making you really happy?"

"Hmmm...Baseball, I guess."

"Is there anything in life that you are excited about?"

"Going in our new pool tomorrow."

"Is there anything that you are nervous about?"

"Playing the Orioles tomorrow. They are really good catchers and throwers!"

"Is there anything that is sad in your life?"

"Well, if Pop Pop can't walk again that would be really sad."

"Why would that be sad to you?"

"Because, that means we could never play "The Claw", and I love "The Claw". I"m sad and scared about Pop Pop"

"Well, I'm scared and sad about him too. But, I know that Jesus loves him, and I know that Jesus can do miracles. But it is certainly okay to feel that way; we just have to remember that God is close to us."

I love you sweet sweet sweet boy.

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