Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today while you were eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast at the counter, I put on a little concert for you. I sang Barry White's, "I can't get enough of your love Baby" into a wooden spoon. I did a little dance, and I mouthed the words. You boys were laughing hysterically. Then I decided to change the tune a bit, so we put on "Your love never fails" by Jesus Culture, and I gave you boys each two pencils so you could play the "drums" along with the beat. By the end of the morning we were all dancing in the living room...complete with twists, turns, and dips, and spins. We were all laughing and giggling, and Parker you left for school with an extra bounce in your step.

I am convinced that the tone for the day is set in the morning. I will try to make a more concentrated effort on making our mornings as light and happy as possible. We only have two more weeks of school left, so I'll file this in my mental vault to impliment next school year. :)

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