Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today was my favorite kind of day. We did nothing. We stayed home and were a family. Well, in the morning your dad took you to the store to buy me some goodies for Mother's Day tomorrow, and I stayed back to clean the house and to organize our items for our upcoming garage sale.

As a reward for behaving on your outing, Daddy let you play a few games on the Ipad, but when we saw that we weren't going to get any rain, we encouraged you boys to play outside instead. I made you a picnic to take out to the backyard, and this simple act was the highlight of my day.

I loved watching your personal picnic. My heart melted watching you two. If there were a Pause button in life, I would have used in on those 20 minutes.

(this was my view of you from the deck where I was reading a book. You boys sat and two best buddies.)

Then I filled all of your water guns and you played "bad guys" for two hours. Then you moved on to a game where Parker owned a store, and Kent you could buy things (outside toys) by donating water to Parker's store. You named the game "Donation" (how you know that word, I have no idea) Weird? Yes. Adorable? Of course.

Then you jumped on the trampoline for a while, I fed you dinner outside on the deck, and then it was time for a shower and a superhero movie with Daddy.

As Daddy and I sat on the deck while you played, I was reminded of how grateful I am that both of our kids are the same gender, and are close in age. You play together very well (most of the time), and I hope these memories that you are making help to lay the foundation for a life long bond and friendship.

Today reminded me that I don't need money, I don't material possesions, I don't need to travel, I don't need success, I don't need recognition, I don't need happiest times are when the four of us are at home being us.

I love Daddy, and we both love you, you love each other, and you both love us...that's what makes us a family.

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