Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pop and Parker playing ball in the house...after I told them not to.

Pop Pop giving you boys treats before lunch...after I told him not to.

Pop Pop and Kent working on an art project

Pop Pop climbing up to get you Parker after you decided you climbed to far up, and were afraid to climb down....or maybe he was climbing up there in order to shake the apparatus..yeah, I think that was more like it. :)


Pop Pop had a mini stroke last night, and was taken to the hospital. He is still there for testing. I may or may not make my way up there today, depending on the results of the MRI. Pop Pop would be so mad at me for driving up there. He honestly does not know HOW to think of himself. He has been putting others first for so long. When I think about what Jesus looks like, I immediately think of my dad. He has sacrificed his dreams, his body, and his life for those he loves. He is humble, patient, unconditionally accepting, and he amongst all of those qualities, he knows how to laugh and enjoy life.

My mind has not fully comprehended what is happening right now. I think the physical distance, keeps me in a place of denial. I am not confronted with the issue by seeing it with my own eyes, so I can pretend that everything is okay. Last night Mimi, Auntie Shar Shar, Auntie J, and Uncle Richie were in the hospital room. I was not. But I was there in prayer. I knew when I was 17 and pursuing a full-time call to ministry, that living away from family would be possibly in my future, but it doesn't make it any easier during times like this. I was the only one missing, I'm the oldest child, and I don't like it one bit. But, it makes it easier that Pop Pop not only gave me his blessing to pursue ministry, he encouraged and supported my calling. I know he knows that we are doing what we are supposed to doing, and we are living where we are supposed to be living.

You boys love Pop Pop and "THE CLAW" as you all call it...it's his hand that come out to tickle and wrestle with you. In a week or two Pop Pop wanted to drive down here so that he could build a fort for you in the back yard. He had already called asking me where he could get materials, and he laid out a rough plan of what he intended to do. Of course, I wouldn't dare allow him to do that now, but it just goes to show you boys how much he loves you, and how he would do anything for you.

We will pray for Pop Pop and keep up the phone calls, and we'll take it day by day. You boys are blessed to have an influence like him in your life. He is truly a man of God.

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