Thursday, April 14, 2011


We have experienced a huge range of emotions this week. We've had our hearts broken last Thursday, and now 7 days later, we are rejoicing with full hearts as our family welcomes Reid and Tatum Sidell, Auntie Shar Shar and Uncle Jason's twins.

The twins weren't due until another three weeks, but Shar Shar was going to get induced anyways two days after Easter. But, Reid and Tatum wanted out, so out they came!

Parker, you kept saying "It's no fair! I just want to hold them."

Kent, you asked, "do Reid and Tatum have the same birthday?

Then you started discussing if Reid and Tatum had all the "same parts."

Here is a cleaned up and abbreviated version of where this discussion led...

"Reid has nuts, right mom?"

"Um, I guess you could say that." (FYI: I HATE that term, and I have no idea where you heard that)

"Does Tatum?" Kent asked.

"Yes, they are just in the back, like all girls, so you can't see them". Parker, the older and "wiser" answered back.

I just ignored the conversation, and your dad now has a new "to do" item added to his list. You boys will be getting a little biology lesson after devotions.

I need these laughs boys. Keep 'em coming.

Anyways, the original plan was for me and Kent to go and see the babies tomorrow, and then drive home Saturday so we could be home for church on Sunday. But, considering that we are going to Chicago next Thursday for a week as Pop Pop finds out the results of his second opinion, I thought it best that we just wait to meet Reid and Tatum until then.

Boys, you already love your cousins. You are talking about things that you want to do with them already. I hope you get to wrestle and play sports with Reid, and I hope hope hope hope hope that you treat Tatum gently!

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