Friday, April 15, 2011


this is the single hardest path I've ever had to walk on. My heart hurts so much, that I honestly think it may burst. You know you love someone when you're willing to take their pain and burden upon yourself, if it means that they wouldn't have to endure their trial. That's how I feel about Pop Pop. He is my anchor, my mentor, my father, my protector, my counselor, and my friend. No one has given me more, or sacrificed more for me than him. If I could be half the parent that he is, I'd be satisfied. I hurt not for myself, but for him. There is no finer man on the face of this planet. He is the LAST one who should be afflicted with a sickness. He has given and given and given, until he has nothing left. Then, he gives some more. He gives to the Lord, he gives to others on behalf of the Lord, and I feel as if this is unjustified. Just being honest.


If I confess that Jesus is Lord, I also must conclude that He is omniscient. He can't be Lord of All, and not be all knowing. He can't be King of Kings and not be omnipotent. This is where I put my feelings aside, and go by what I KNOW to be TRUE. I know Truth because I've read Scripture and it is the very Words of God Himself. The Truth is that Jesus is Lord. The Truth is that God is Sovereign. The Truth is that the Holy Spirit is my comforter. This is what I know. Sometime, I pray that my heart catches up to my mind. This is the daily battle.

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