Saturday, March 5, 2011

Parker, you had a fantastic time on your special day. While you were at school, Kent and I decorated the house with balloons and streamers. Kent took extra special care to decorate your chair with streamers and about 2 rolls of tape. When you got home, Kent and I were waiting for you with birthday horns, balloons, and cheers.

You are usually a very even keeled child, but today you were bouncing off the walls with excitement. We couldn't wait for Daddy to get home, and when we did we had pizza and corn dogs for dinner upon your requests.

We quickly ate, and then it was present time. You opened your gifts, and were thrilled with everything you received. After each gift, Kent would say, "Are you going to share that with me Parker?" Parker, you were treating Kent like your assistant and he was happy to take care of your trash as you tore open your presents. Your gifts included $, a Super Mario Brother puzzle, a glow in the dark ball, Mike n Ikes, sports cards, books, a box with a key and lock for your treasures, and your favorite-a GoGo Sticker Book.

We had planned on doing a sports night, but once you received your puzzle, you wanted to do that instead. So, we watched Survivor, and we all worked on the puzzle together.

We had fun celebrating you today!

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