Saturday, March 19, 2011


you have been enjoying the leftover balloons from Parker's party last week. Each day I find them in a different room of the house. Your favorite game is to let them go in our living room, which has vaulted ceilings. You thoroughly enjoy watching me jump of the couch as I try to retrieve the balloon for you.

On Thursday you and I were hanging out, and you asked me if you could give Jesus your balloon. I didn't quite catch on to your idea at first, so you proceeded to tell me that you wanted to go outside and let your balloon go so that Jesus could play with it.

I was so touched by your heart, and I know that Jesus was too. So, you and I went out to the front yard and you said,"Here you go Jesus!" as you released the red balloon.

The sentimental moment was abruptly halted when we saw that the week old balloon was too deflated to travel upward. Your shoulders slumped, and your bottom lip projected outward.

"Now Jesus will never get it!" you exclaimed in defeat.

I said a quick internal prayer, and wouldn't you know, a gust of wind came and carried that half deflated red balloon up, up and away. Granted, the ascent was slooooooow, but ultimately it flew over the neighbors house and into the bright blue sky. You giggled and pumped your fists in victory.

I thanked Jesus for the wind, and thanked him for protecting your little spirit that would have otherwise been broken.

I love your heart Kent. I love that you wanted to give Jesus something that was special to you. God can use a heart like that to change our world.

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