Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Valentine's Day was so much fun. At one point Kent said, "This is the bestest day of my life!"

We woke up for school, and I had your valentine's waiting for you by your breakfast plates. In hindsight, that might not have been the best idea. You essentially had chocolate for breakfast. Then, we woke Daddy up and sent him on a scavenger hunt for his gifts. We drew four pictures on index cards, and we hid gifts in the corelating spots. Daddy received Oreos under the couch, Mountain Dew on the dryer, Doritos in his closet, and Skittles by his toothbrush. You both followed him squealing with excitement as he was finding the presents you boys hid for him.

I dropped you boys off at school, and Kent your class had a party and you enjoyed it...except for all the princess cards you received. Kent, when you got home, Daddy had made a treasure hunt for you. He gave you 5 clues, and the ultimately led you to your bed where a pack of Go-Go's were waiting for you.

Parker, your class had a party as well, and because yours was in the afternoon, I was able to come in and volunteer for it. You loved having me there, and you weren't shy about hugging me and clinging to me in class. When you got home, Daddy sent you on your hunt for your gift. Your ultimate destination was the top of your bed, where a pack of Go-G0's were waiting for you as well.

We blew up 12 red, white, and pink balloons for ambiance, and then I set the dinner table with a centerpiece of candles and flowers, and we enjoyed a nice dinner complete with Sparkling Cider. Kent, your request for our special dinner was meatballs, and Parker, your request was "I want that stuff that make's Kent's lips sting". You were referring to Sparkling Cider, and I granted our request.

The evening ended with you boys watching Daddy play video games (your request of him), and then you made the above video to complete the day.

I love celebrating the day with all three of the loves of my life!

(p.s. Parker, you received a card from Miriam, and you sent her one also. I hope one day the two of you get to live close enough where you can enjoy each other's company. You miss her, and she was such a special friend to you.)


mscottberg said...

Oh my gosh, the best video ever!

Darla said...

Love the video. Sweetest thing ever.