Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kent..this week you had an ear infection and the croup. This week I was diagnosed with a health issue that indicated that my body does not react to foods with citric acid, folic acid, acid, potassium, artificial colors and flavors, and perservatives...these ingredients are in the majority of fruits, and prepared foods. But..I am trying my hardest to stick to new dietary guidelines, and Kent, you are on some new medication, so we are on the mend!

Yesterday Parker had a basketball game, and a soccer game, and an event at church for kids. Then you both had a valentine's party at your friends house last evening. What a full day! Kent, you are such a good sport to sit through two of your brother's games. I try to get you to watch the games so you can cheer for your brother, and learn the rules of the game. But, you'd rather eat donuts and play your Nintendo DS. You are a good sport for watching all of your brother's sports. Next year, you'll be old enough to participate...only if you want to. Wait, who am I kidding. I'm not giving you a choice! I think athletics can teach us so much about ourselves and about life, so you'll have to give them a shot. You're fast and're going to make a great athlete.

Parker, I was trying to explain to you the importance of a sharp mental capacity in the sports world. Yes, you have to have physical talent, but more often than not, a great player has to have the smarts to be the complete package. When you play basketball, I love to watch your eyes. They dart back and forth, as you determine where to place yourself. Your eyes never stop. That's a mark of athletic mental wit. Then in soccer, you have such a hard time just staying in your position because you see a need a defense, so you'll leave you post at left forward and run all the way down the field to help your goalie. Now, some would say that is not exactly what you are supposed to do, but I know how your mind works. I know that you'll look back on your field and think, "There's no one by the goalie, I have to back there to help". Your mental wheels are turning. Your intentions are good, but I'm trying to teach you that you can't be the whole team, you have to be one player who plays one position. I think mid-fielder might be the best position for you, that way you can go back and forth. Alas, you're only 6 going on 7, so you have plenty of time to figure out your sweet spot. Regardless, a player can compensate for a physical weakness, with a smart mind. I should know! I wasn't the fastest runner or the biggest hitter with the best arm, but, I played smart, and did okay for myself back in my day.

I hope you enjoy playing, because I enjoy watching you. Regardless of a win or a loss, you play your hardest at all times, and that makes you a victor.

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