Monday, January 17, 2011


I love you so much. You are so mature and dependable. You are an absolute joy to raise. I am proud of your work ethic, your drive, and your desire to succeed. I am proud that you are interested in the Lord, and I pray that develops in to a life long passionate pursuit of God.

Yesterday on our short drive home from church you asked me, "Mom, when we get home can we cuddle?" Um...don't have to ask me twice!

We ate lunch quickly, and ran downstairs to watch the Bears dominate the Seahawks. You are so smart, and you recorded the Bear's game while we were eating so we didn't have to miss a play. You sat next to me on the couch holding my hand until the 3rd quarter. You may be growing taller by the second, but I hope you never outgrow the need for a cuddle. I am cherishing every second. I love you Bubs.

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