Sunday, January 23, 2011

Again I blog..this time it's 4:16 am and Kent is next to me nursing a fever. I'm not well, and I can't let myself sleep until your fever is down.

Parker is also in bed with us...and poor Daddy...this is his 4th night sleeping on the couch in the hopes of keeping germ free.

Parker keeps talking in his sleep, and Kent, you are awake because of your fever, and you keep answering him. The scenario is hilarious...even if it is 4:18 am. Parker, you are the most restless sleeper I know. You grind your teeth, you toss and turn, you talk and talk. You are currently saying (in a total REM state), 'Can you tell me what time it is? I can't see over the counter? Is it time to make the last out?" And then Kent, since you are awake, you are answering him as if he is actually speaking these comments directly to you. "No, Parker. I can't see the time either!".

I'm pretty sure church in the AM is an impossibility. You're both still running a fever. The three of us will have church on the couch, then I'll let you play some Wii, and then we'll watch the Bears destroy the Packers (I do hope I can stay awake for that!).

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