Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I had both of your parent teacher conferences last week, and as always, I left with a huge smile.

Kent-I met with your teacher Mrs.Roggow and she was so proud at your ability to recognize letters, hold your pencil, count objects, and follow directions. She did say that you needed to work on being quiet in circle time..you are a class clown, and are easily distracted by all of the activity around you. She commented on how you were very quiet for the first few weeks, but now you enter in to play with your peers, you separate from me willingly, and once you are corrected for a misbehavior, you respond immediately with a proper response. I love you and I love watching you grow academically and socially. At the beginning of the year you were scared and hesitant to go in to class, but now you walk in with confidence. I am so proud of how you know all of your letter sounds and can name off several words for each letter. Now, zip your lips in circle time or you'll be grounded from the wii until your 25. Love ya!

Parker-I met with Mrs. Lee this evening, and the first thing she said was, "I wish I had 25 of Parker." At this juncture in the school year, you are supposed to be reading at a "level D", and you are at a "level O", and she said she stopped you there in order to give you goals to obtain, but she said you could have tested even higher. She commented on how you thrive on competition, and you love to excel and be praised for your accomplishments. But, the best thing I heard during the whole conference was this, "Parker cares so much about the other students. He is very aware of when of his peers have a need, and he stops what he's doing to go and help them". That is exactly what a follower of Christ is supposed to do. That compliment makes me happier than all of your academic accomplishments. Keep it up!

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Judith and Lance said...

Bethany -- I have to admit, I didn't read this post (it doesn't matter anyway, right? i know this blog isn't for me!), however I had to tell you how absolutely adorable I think your two little boys are in the photograph. You are a blessed lady!