Monday, September 6, 2010

Me and Parker on the Ferris Wheel. Parker you said, "I can see Africa from here!" Not quite, but it was still cute.

Daddy and Kent on the dragon "rollercoaster". Kent, you started to raise your hands in adventure the last few moments.

It's Labor Day, and we relaxed like you are supposed to, and we worked a little too. This morning while Daddy began to paint our family room downstairs, and I was painting frames outside, you two played some game involving forts and "guys".

I went to work in the watermelon booth at the Bethalto Homecoming, and you and Daddy came at 5:30 to meet up with me and enjoy the fair. We gave you each 8 tickets, which translated in to 8 rides, and then you each had $2 of your own money to spend on an item or game of your choice.

A couple of high lights from the day...

*Kent, you showed up to the fair with your shirt and shorts on backwards and one dollar in each pocket.
*Parker, when we were all in the Ferris Wheel you kept warning Kent to sit down. You were very worried about him falling out. You are such a protector.
*Parker you also really wanted to play the typical carnival game where you swing the mallet and try to get the little metal piece to ding the bell at the top. Your dad and I didn't want you to really spend all of your money on a game where we knew you wouldn't win (grown men aren't that strong!). Then I saw that all kids under 10 win a prize regardless, so we let you take a shot. You swung that mallet as hard as your 45 lbs could muster, and you walked away with a prize. Of course, Kent had to follow in your footsteps and spend his $2 on the same thing.
*You each also got an ice cream and a corn dog.

I really really missed my family today especially because I knew they were all together having a BBQ and Bonfire, BUT, I really like this town, and I really am enjoying the company of people in our church family. Being away from my parents and siblings is hard, but being with you makes the whole day brighter.

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