Friday, September 3, 2010

Last night I left you with Daddy for a few hours so I could do some grocery shopping alone...the way I prefer to shop! It's a treat for me to walk the aisles and be able to pay complete attention to what I am doing instead of saying "put that down", "don't touch that", "stop pretending to shoot that lady", we are not buying tha today", and "can you hold it til we get home?". Anyways, when I came home, Daddy had already given you showers, and you were hanging out in the kitchen. Kent, as soon as you saw me walk in the door with multiple bags of food, you shouted in excitement, "IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS!". You were thrilled to see the selection of snacks, drinks, and other items I bought. You were jumping up and down and clapping those chubby hands of yours. The both of you were watching me like I was the entertainment and you were the audience. The anticipation to see what I was going to pull out of the bag next, was the highlight of your evening. Finally, Kent, you jumped up from your seat and came up to me and said, "Mom, I can help you take stuff out of the bag. I'm stronger." Then Parker, not wanting to be showed up by your little brother, you said, "Let me carry the rest of the bags in to the kitchen for you, cause I'm a gentleman."

I am trying very hard to instill in you a sense of chivalry, and gentlemen like behavior. Sometimes I'll stand outside a door when we are walking in to the house or church, and give a quick "Ahem", until one of you opens it and allows the lady to go first. Sometimes, in an effort to be polite, the two of you will fight as to who gets to open the car door for me.

On Wednesday we bought flowers for all the women who are give you love and attention each week..your Rainbows and Rangers teachers, and your Sunday School teachers. I want to teach you to be kind, thoughtful, and even romantic with women who love you.

I also pretend (okay fine, I really do hate animals) to be scared of little bugs and spiders, and I say, "oh..I'm sure glad I have brave boys in my house to take care of this" (hint, hint). One of you will come over and squish the bug, smash the spider, or sweep up the ants, and when you care for me, I see your shoulders puff up, and your chest puff out. I want you to feel responsible to care for women, and I want you to learn to treat them with respect.

You are knights in training, and soon, you'll be ready to wear your shining armor.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. It's something that I plan on instilling in my own boys and using you as the example. I think it's so sweet that at such a young age, you are teaching them such valuable lessons about life. I can't wait to have my own two sons.

You know who I am ;)
(anonymous for an obvious reason)