Saturday, July 31, 2010


while we were at the Magic House in St. Louis, Auntie Denise gave you a few dollars to spend on a special treat in the gift store. You had picked out a multi-colored pen, and after I put you in line with her, I waited outside for you to finish.

To my complete surprise, you handed me a package when you came out of the shop. I opened it to find a silver key chain with my name on it. You went to pay for your item, but saw a display of key chains at the cash register. You saw my name, and put your pen aside, and chose to buy me this gift instead of purchasing something for yourself.
(I couldn't take a very good picture of the actual keychain, but this is what it looks like..only with my name obviously!)

One of my most humblest yet proudest moments as your mother. I am humbled by the amount of generosity, thoughtfulness, and selflessness, that went in to that decision. I am proud that you would think of me and want to bless me that way.

Melt my heart little one. That's what you do.

Now, fast forward to the next day. You had a play date with your friend Peyton, and when I dropped you off, I gave you the silent signal of touching my cheek in expectation of a good-bye kiss. You looked at Peyton, you looked at me, and then you looked down at the floor. I was denied. I laughed it off, but inside I was heartbroken.

I walked away dejectedly, and slowly made my way in to the car to take the short trip home. As I put my keys in the ignition, my fingers brushed up against the silver key chain you had given me the day before. It was a great reminder for this mom. I know you are growing older, and your dependency upon me may decrease (as it should-I am supposed to prepare you to ultimately leave the nest and soar), but that key chain confirmed that you love me and always will. When you are a teenager and wanting to spread your wings, and I when I am a middle aged over protective mom who is denial, and conflict inevitably arises, I will look at that key chain and know how much we really do love each other.

Now, when you got home that night, I captured you, sat on you, pinned your arms down, and kissed you 20 times on your left check, 20 times on your forehead, 20 times on your right check, and then I gave one big sloppy wet kiss on those little lips of yours. I'll show you to deny me a kiss in public!!! For every kiss you deny me, I'll give 61 kisses! Until your bigger than me, that is....

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