Monday, July 26, 2010

On Friday night we went to a community bike ride and movie sponsored by our church. Parker, because you can now ride a two wheeler, you and Daddy went on the bike ride, while Kent and I stayed back to help get the snacks for the movie set up. (This has nothing to do with the story, but this is probably my favorite event that we have been a part of at any church we've attended. I think it's a fun, free, and fantastic night for families to spend together. It encourages us to place priority on our time together, while at the same time, we are fellowshiping with other believers, and reaching out to our community---just a little commercial for August)

We watched "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" outside on the church's wall, and you had your fair share of pop corn and pop. When the evening was over, we walked to our car, and found that someone had put a Cardinals License Plate holder on our van. I immediately laughed, and appreciated the clever humor of the culprit. Parker, you on the other hand, had a complete meltdown. You were crying, and saying "Mom! They are trying to make us Cardinals fans here!". I calmed you down, and told you that it was a joke, and after I reminded you that the Cubs had beaten the Cards that afternoon, you felt a little better. I got you to pose in a funny picture, and we all had a good laugh. We are still plotting our revenge plan against MS KATHY!!!!!

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Darla said...

You were a great sport, and a wonderful example to all the kids there on how to be a great sport! I got a great "life lesson" moment out of it with my kids, too. :)