Saturday, July 17, 2010

On Tuesday we spent some time at Auntie Shar Shar's pool with her and Blake, and then we ventured off to our old stomping grounds in Frankfort. We drove by our old house for memories sake, and ICK, they painted the front door a neon orange. I don't know what they were thinking. The new homeowners also took down your swing set..much to the dismay of both of you. That evening we met some friends from our previous church, and enjoyed catching up with one another. Among some of those friends, was your buddy Sam Harris. Spending an evening with him was one of the highlights of your trip!

Wednesday we headed out to Lake Geneva, WI with Auntie Denise, Nico, Gig, Mimi, Auntie J, Auntie Shar Shar, and Blake. We spent the entire day at the beach, and we loved every minute of it. It was so relaxing for me, and you boys did not sit still the whole time we were there. You swam, you built moats, castles, bridges, tunnels...and anything else your minds could conjure up. As we were leaving Auntie Denise and Nico and Gigi, Parker had a mini meltdown. You were off by yourself crying because you didn't want to leave your beloved cousins. So, your dear Aunt insisted that you sleep over at her house so you would get to spend more time with your cousins. Lucky Duck.

Thursday we met my dear friend Samantha and her son Charlie for lunch at Yorktown Mall. I think you boys were so tired from the beach the day before, because you were not on your best behavior there. It was good seeing my dear friend who has been there for me at some of my lowest times, and now, that we are in a different chapter of our life, she can celebrate with me. We had an opportunity to go to a Cubs game on this night, be I opted out of it because I really wanted to spend time with my Papa. After Grandpa passed away in December, I am reminded of how short our time with our loved ones are, and I wanted to take full advantage of my Papa's presence in my life. We then ventured out to Papa's house, and there you boys played dominoes while Papa and I talked about everything from politics (he is a staunch Democrat, so we tiptoe along this subject-ha ha), to saving money, to old memories of family vacations.

Friday morning we went out to breakfast with Mimi, Pop, and Auntie J, and then we took a brief trip in to Pier 1 before heading home. Kent, the funniest comment of that morning came from you as you told Auntie J,"If I sneeze and boogers come out of my nose, I usually just push them back up". Only you, Kent, only you.

We arrived home to find Daddy had just came home from camp. We had a nice reunion and then went to Parker's baseball game.

What a whirlwind of a week. It was vacation in the sense that we were not at home, but we went non stop from the moment we arrived in Chicago. We saw everyone we wanted to see, we ate all we wanted to eat (Portillo's and Grandma Bea's pasta), and we did everything we wanted to do

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