Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterday I worked in the morning while Grandma Bea entertained you. I hope you one day realize how blessed you are to not only know your Grandma, but to know and be loved by your Great Grandma. I could write an entire post about how nurturing, kind, and loving Grandma Bea is, but you've already experienced her nature for yourselves. You played hangman, ring toss, restaurant, and bowling while I slaved away on the phone and computer for my job.

We all met Auntie Denise, Nico, and Gigi at Auntie Angela's house to swim. We spent the entire afternoon in the pool, and then they gave Kent his birthday present. Kent, you were a little confused when you opened up the PSP, but once Nico showed you how to play it, you've been obsessed with it. They spoil you. About 65 % of your toys are recycled from Nico and Gigi, and I think that would be a conservative estimate. They are so generous to us, and you boys love love love your cousins.

In the evening, we had a mini birthday celebration for Kent...again. Mimi and Pop of course were here, then Auntie Pam came to visit, then shortly after that Grandma Joan, Auntie Angela, Papa, Auntie Shar Shar, Blake, Auntie J and Uncle J came as well. At the end of the night Uncle J brought up to huge bins of his old toys that his dad had just cleaned out from his basement. There were Star Wars, Legos, K'Nex, baseball cards, and a remote control car. You boys were shrieking, "It's just like Christmas!!".

You are so loved by your family, and nothing makes me happier. The love of this same family gave me such a sense of security and belonging in my life. I am overjoyed, that you are going to know that same acceptance and support. WE ARE BLESSED.

Last night, as I was surrounded by loved ones, I thought, "There is absolutely no where else in the galaxy that I'd rather be right now than here with them."

Please remember what an asset your family is to your life. They pray for you, the love you, and they each play a role in shaping the men that you are becoming.

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