Saturday, June 26, 2010


we're pretty sure you asked Jesus to be in your heart tonight...and to make it even better, it happened during a Cub's game! Here's how it happened...

You and Parker were camped out on my bedroom floor munching on pretzels and watching the Cubs game with me. Somehow you got on the subject of dying, and Parker said, "When you die you go to Heaven." Kent, you began to ask all kinds of questions about heaven, and how Jesus was "inbizable". I told you that when we get to Heaven we will be able to see Jesus with our eyes. Then, I proceeded to tell you of all of the fun stuff in Heaven, and I of course, mentioned food. That was enough to get you all excited and interested. I did however tell you that the Bible says that the only way we can get to Heaven is if we love Jesus, and have asked Him to be in our lives.

"Kent, have you asked Jesus to come in to your life?" I asked.
"No. I will ask him when I die and go to Heaven."
"Well, that's not how it works. The Bible says that when we die Jesus will see if He knows us. He knows us if you loved him when you were alive. If He knows you he lets you in to Heaven. Do you want to ask Jesus to come in to your life so He knows you?"
"Yes!" (giggle, giggle)

Daddy came in and joined us, and we shut the game off, and Daddy led us in prayer, and then Parker, you, and I repeated after him (you were a little intimidated to pray by yourself). In that prayer, you told Jesus you were sorry for your mistakes, and that you were thankful He died on the cross for you. Then you asked Him to be in your life, and you asked Him to help you to love Him and to listen to Him.

After we were done praying, we told you that Jesus was your friend and that you could talk to him. You observantly answered, "But, when I talk to Parker I can hear him. If I talk to Jesus I cannot hear him". I told you we don't always hear Jesus with our ears, but that He talks to us through his Word, the Bible. You LOVE looking through your Bible at night, so you knew exactly what I was referring to. I told you how all of those pictures and stories in your Bible are Jesus' way of talking to you.

Right now, you and Parker are in your beds reading your Bibles and letting Jesus talk to you. You actually came in here a moment ago crying because Parker stole one of your Bibles and had it in bed with him..Daddy worked out that dispute so I could blog about this event while it is still fresh.

The Cubs lost tonight, but this just might be my favorite game they've ever played. Today, I am confident that in your heart you asked Jesus to be in your life. He will now never leave you or forsake you. He now has a purpose and plan for your life that leaves you fulfilled and fruitful. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in you and through you. Today I rejoice, for my child has now become a child of God.

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