Monday, May 3, 2010


sorry for the lack of posting, but as you know, we've moved in to our new home a week ago, and have not stopped since. I am a "work first, play second" type of gal, so I haven't blogged or done any other recreational activities due to the organizing, cleaning, and decorating of our house.

We immediately painted your bedroom and bathroom, as you abhorred the pink! By "we", I mean Uncle Richie and Auntie Shar Shar who came down from Chicago to help. I gave orders, they obeyed, and it was awesome.

As I type this, Daddy is at Home Depot getting paint for our living room and kitchen. I cannot feel rest and settled until our home is in place. I am a slave driver.

Now for the fun stuff...Mimi and Pop Pop, Auntie J and Uncle J came down for a short visit this weekend. You were thrilled to see them, but you were ECSTATIC when you saw that they bought you a 14ft trampoline for the yard. You boys diligently helped Pop Pop and Uncle J put the trampoline together, while me, Auntie J, and Mimi worked on some decorating inside the house.

We have quite a busy month ahead, and I have every intention of posting along the way.

For now, Parker, you finished the first level of second grade math for school. You have successfully passed the tests, and you are so pleased with yourself. I am pleased that you saw that practice pays off!

Kent, oh child. What am I going to do with you? Last week at church Pastor Phil's wife Ms. Renee and his college aged daughter, Ms. Jenna were teaching in your class. Ms. Jenna politely reminded you that you cannot walk up the slide, and you turned to her and said, "Hey. I don't like any ladies in my business!". For the love child!!!! I was beyond embarrassed, but thankfully the Schneider family has a sense of humor, and they were amused by your little attitude.

Anyway...Kent, as I write this, you have escaped from the house and I can hear you jumping on the trampoline from where I'm sitting in the office. I had no idea you could get up there without help. Look out!


Busy Momma said...

That Kent cracks me up!!!

Megan said...

Love it!! :)

Firecracker said...

Love Kent's glasses! Safety first!