Monday, March 8, 2010

We had a fantastic weekend with Mimi and Pop Pop. They arrived Friday near 5pm, and we ordered them a Bethalto treat..Roma's Pizza. We ate, then celebrated Parker's birthday with cupcakes and a few gifts from them. You received a Star Wars Lego ship you've been wanting, a shirt, and a book. Mimi was kind enough to think of you too, Kent, and she wrapped up a Superman T-shirt. When you opened it, you threw it on the ground, and began to cry uncontrollably saying "But I wanted a toy like Parker!". I immediately escorted you to your bedroom where you were disciplined and instructed that if you wanted to be released from your room, you needed to say "Thank you for my present." Would you believe it took you close to a half hour to mutter those words? You're a proud little fella. But when you came to your senses, all was well.

We then went to Mimi and Pop Pop's hotel and spent the evening swimming. Well, Mimi was sick with a sinus infection, and I forgot my bathing suit back home, so Pop Pop and Daddy took you in the pool. You were both so brave, and you did not want to get out. Eventually we took you upstairs, and you slept over in the hotel with Mimi and Pop Pop while Daddy and I went home to our house. You were ecstatic about being in a's such a special treat for you.

Saturday morning we all went to support you, Parker, at your basketball game. You scored a basket and your team won! Next, it was off to the Magic House in St. Louis for all of us (not Daddy-he had to be at a funeral). You LOVED the Magic House, and we will certainly be returning. And I loved having Mimi and Pop Pop there too. 3 adults to 2 children was the perfect ratio..we ran out of energy way before you guys did.

We ate dinner and then it was back to the pool to swim. You would think that after walking around and playing at an interactive museum for hours, and then swimming, you guys would be exhausted. Not the case. You slept over again at the hotel, and then Mimi and Pop Pop brought you to church with them Sunday morning.

After service we took Mimi and Pop Pop to look at some more houses, and then we went to lunch, and lastly, we said a tearful "good-bye". Kent, you kept saying..."but I want to beeeee with them."

We are going to Tennessee with them and the rest of the Elton clan in June, so you will see them then. 3 months seems too long not to be with your grandparents...but I think they need that long to re-cooperate from a weekend with you overactive boys.

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