Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a Monday evening and I am sitting on the couch with you both and Daddy. On a side note, we only brought one of our couches here, so we are all bunched together. Actually, your dad has one whole cushion, and then the three of us are sharing another. You boys and Daddy are playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, and I'm enjoying some down time before our bedtime battle..I mean routine.

We've been here for two months, and I'm starting to feel as if this is home. We actually went house hunting this week, and are trying to determine what home will best fit our family. We made the mistake of taking you boys with us. In one home, Parker overheard me and Daddy talking about which bedroom would hypothetically belong to who. When it was time to leave, me, Daddy, Kent, Pastor Phil, and Mr. Don were heading out when we realized that you were missing. We all spread out and looked EVERYWHERE and we could not locate you. I finally heard a faint whimpering coming from one of the bedroom's, and sure enough, there you were crouched in a closet corner absolutely beside yourself. You were incredibly upset that you heard us discussing giving you and Kent the "smaller' (not the master) bedroom.

I was upset that you you wandered off. I was scared we lost you. I was sad you were sad. And. I was a little bit mad that you made such a scene in front of our realtor friend and Pastor Phil. Everyone laughed it off, and we moved on to the next house.

I want to include you both in all of our family decisions, because I don't want you to feel that you are being tossed around. I understand that your lives have been deeply affected, and I wanted to give you some say in where we live. But...I think I'm learning that some choices may just be too mature for your fragile minds to handle.

I'm not sure what the intentions of this post were...just to remember a funny story I guess. The day Parker almost gave us a heart attack because we couldn't find him, all to find out you were hiding in some strangers closet crying. Ahh...too funny.

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