Wednesday, March 3, 2010

(This is a picture of you holding up the toys your pal Miriam sent to you) had a great 6th birthday, and we will continue to celebrate it this weekend when Mimi and Pop Pop come all the way from Chicago to visit us. Because your birthday fell on a Wednesday, we did the majority of the celebrating on Tuesday night. You requested cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, so we stuck a #6 candle in it and sang to you. Then you opened up a few presents from us, along with $20. We took you to Walmart so you could spend your money on a toy of your choice. It literally took you an hour to come to a decision. You did not want to spend your money, and you could not decide what was the best bang for your buck. You're indecisive (your dad) and frugal(me), and that combination makes you the slowest shopper on the planet. You chose a Hot Wheel Trick Track, a pack of Starburst, a Hot Wheel motorcycle, and a Lego car kit. You had $1 leftover and in the car you announced that you would give that to God.

Then the morning of your birthday we ate cinnamon rolls, and sent you off to school with donuts for your class. Something special that happened on your birthday was the Kindergarten assembly for Rainbow Math (it's your school's math initiative). There are four kindergarten classes, and you received an award for being the ONLY student to have completed the levels of the 1st grade portion. That's right, I said 1st grade. You were allowed to pick two prizes from the table for your accomplishment and you chose two bottles of said one was for you and one was for Kent.

In the afternoon you and Kent played for hours with your new toys, and then we left for church. You brought basketball cupcakes for your Royal Rangers class, and received a present from a thoughtful family in the church.

What a great day you had!! I feel bad because usually on your birthday I hold you and tell you your birth story, but because it was a Wednesday we didn't have the time. But...I'm going to capture you tomorrow before school and re-live the day you came into our lives.

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sharonie said...

I remember it! It was on a Wednesday as well. I remember coming to see you in your room twenty min before you were about to give birth...I remember you were just hanging out talking like normal and that you were wearing picktales...and then I left the room. Before you know it...boom Parker was born. I held him just min after he was born and oh was he a doll. So precious!

Bethany, have another with me!!!! Please???!!! LEt's have another baby sometime next year together! It would be so fun...