Thursday, March 4, 2010


Oh how I love you. Your newest thing is that you honestly and sincerely think that you can speak Spanish. You mumble some jibberish and then look to me for a reply. I mumble some jibberish back, and according to you we have had a meaningful conversation.

I received your first report for Pre-School. You could receive an "E" for "excellent", a "S" for "satisfactory", and an "DV" for "needs to develop". You received an "E" in letter, #, and color recognition. You received an "S" in all of the social categories, such as "respects authority" and "willingly shares". did receive one "DV"..which is an equivalent of a failing grade. It appears that you have issues in Circle Time. You like to touch and talk to your friends. The actual comment your teacher left on your sheet was.."Kent is doing well making new friends. He does need to work on sitting quietly in circle time".

You are making a lot of new just have to stop talking to them during Circle Time. We do need to work on the correct way to hold a pencil and scissors, and your confuse your shoulders and your knees. A good game of "Hokey Pokey" should straighten that out.

I'm not worried about your academics are bilingual at three and a half after all.

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mscottberg said...

parker and kent are both so smart!! most days i don't know my shoulders from my knees either...haha:-)