Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mom's Cafe....

I have felt very guilty about my lack of interaction with you this week. Per Doctor's orders I have had to keep my distance. Today was the first day in a week where I spent more than 3 hours out of my bed. So, I decided to have some fun with you at dinner. Daddy had to be at a charity event, so it was just the three of us.

I opened up Mom's Cafe (such an original name), and we "played restaurant" for dinner. I made a menu, lit candles, and introduced myself to you as "your server Sarah". Kent, you ordered Cinnamon Toast Crunch (on a plate) with Hot Chocolate, and Parker you ordered PB & J with apple juice. You had to settle for milk, because I couldn't open the juice container.

After I took your order I gave you crayons and paper, much like they do at real eateries. You were both on your best behavior. I served your meals (on all styrofoam plates-I'm still not up to doing much cleaning), and then I, the chef, sat down to talk with my customers. This is where the fun began.

"Hello, sir, how are you today?'
"What do you do for a job?"
"I don't have a job. I play video games all day (which, by the way, is so not true)."
"Oh. Are you married?"
"Do you have a pet at home?"
"Yes. I have a dragon."
"Do you have a dad at home?"
"Is he handsome?"
"No." (sorry honey)
"Is he strong?"
"YES!!!! Like a robot!" (see, honey-you've been redeemed.)

"Hello sir, and what do you do for a job?"
"I'm a pastor."
"Do you work with kids or grown ups?"
"I work with kids and I do worship."
"Are you married?"
"Yes. Her name is Miriam and she is a pastor too."
"Do you have a pet at home?"
"A dog".
"Well, at least that's normal."
"Do you have a dad at home?"
"Yes. He's married to my mom."

I thanked you for coming in, and I gave you the check which totaled $12. You admitted you didn't have any money, so I made you clear the table to pay off your debt. (I gotta try that more often).

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Cara said...

How fun!! What a cute idea...I bet the boys will never forget it!