Thursday, January 21, 2010

We've been discussing dreams in our Wednesday night class at church. God desires to birth in each person a dream for their life. Dreams give us purpose and direction, and they reflect our calling. Dreams are meant to meet the needs of others, while bringing all Glory to God, the Dream Giver.

I think my dream in life has changed. I started off dreaming of being a missionary to orphans in Russia. Then, I started to chase the dream of reaching the youth of America. I then married your dad, and my goal was to be the best supportive wife I could be. After I had the both of you, I dreamed of being a nurturing and godly mother. It's been hard for me to "nail down" one single dream. I think my desires and passions continually change. Recently I've entertained the notions of going back to school to obtain a degree in counseling. I've wanted to pursue careers in writing, and speaking to young women about finding satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus. But, when I get down to planning out steps to go down these paths, my heart goes back to the two of you. I think I'm realizing that my dream is to raise you, to invest in you, and to see you succeed in your life.

I'm trying to find a balance right now. I want more than anything to be your mom, and a stable and dependable figure for you. But, I also want to pursue passions in my life. However, I do not want my desires to take away from you having the mom that God desires for you to have. So, my dream right now is to figure out what my dream is. I have to be okay with having a dream that is in "process", and not specifically defined. For my concrete personality, that is difficult, but I am learning patience along the way.

Out of curiousity, last night I asked each of you what your dreams were for your life.

Parker, you said that your wanted to be a baseball, soccer, football, and basketball player who owns all the Wii games in the world. You want to be with your family all the time, and you want to always play sports.

Kent, you said that you wanted to be tall. That was your dream.

We'll work on them together!

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