Thursday, December 3, 2009

So, we told you boys last night about our new adventure.

We started off reiterating that our family is a team. We even put our hands in the middle of our circle and did a little cheer. We then told you that when Mommy and Daddy were teenagers God asked us to be helpers in His church and we said "yes". We reviewed the story of Jonah, and we told you how God had asked us to do something and we said "yes" instead of "no". We then proceeded to tell you that God had asked us to go to a new church that needed help, and we would be moving in order to do that.

I tried to sugar coat it and tell you how exciting it would be to get a new house. I told you that you boys could share a room in the new house, and that it would be like we were on a great adventure. I told you that Santa was going to bring Mario Cart so you could take it with us when we move. I told you about the soccer parks there, the pools, the playgrounds....etc, etc.

Kent, your response was, "Mommy. I can dip my crackers in my juice. My teacher said. Why is Parker crying?"

Parker, your response broke my already exhausted heart. You cried. You cried about not seeing your soccer team, you cried about not having the same quiz team, you cried about leaving Miriam-your best friend since you were 9 months old, you cried about leaving your school and friends there. You cried because the new town doesn't love the Cubs. You cried because you were afraid no one was going to come to your birthday party. At one point you expressed your displeasure with God because He is having us move. We assured you that is was okay to ask God questions and to have feelings of anger. But we also reminded you that God goes with you and helps make you strong so you can handle hard stuff. Then you started crying for your legos and your Georgie. But once I assured you that you could take all of your toys with you, you felt a little reassured. Parker, you love so deeply and easily. You take such joy in being with people you love. I can't imagine what this feels like for you.

To soften the blow, I laid down with you and Kent in one bed and we talked about our favorite Brady Bunch episodes. Kent fell asleep, and then you asked if I could tell you stories about when Auntie J, Auntie Shar Shar, Uncle Richie, and I were little. You love hearing about how Shar Shar cut my hair, and about how Auntie J cried the whole time at Disney World, and how Uncle Richie was afraid of the dark. Eventually I had you laughing and we fell asleep together. All was well.

As I write this you and Kent are chasing each other around the couches laughing and squealing. It's going to be a rough journey for our family, but it is going to bring us closer together, and I firmly believe it is going to strengthen the foundations of our faith.


Samantha said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...
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Crystal said...

Bethany, We know ALL about transition and unfortunately it's hard on everyone at any age. But you learn and grow so much through it and somehow you come out closer, stronger, and more faith-filled than ever. Praying for you all. Crystal