Monday, December 7, 2009

Boys...I apologize for being in the "zone" lately and not being attentive enough to your needs. I'm buys packing, getting our house ready for the market, trying to figure out our finances, dealing with a roller coaster of emotions...and so on.

Last night Parker you begged for me to come and cuddle you in bed. I kept saying "in a minute." Well, by the time I made it up there it was past 10 and you were fast asleep. My heart feels so much regret today because I never came to you. I'm sorry.

Kent, you came and in our bed at around 3:30 asking me to turn on the TV. I snuggled with you for a bit and then you fell back asleep. I was tempted to go and get Parker to join us, but you sleep horizontally, so there wasn't any room.

I love you boys. This month is going to pass by in a "flurry" and I promise that I will try and remain as stable as possible, and I will try to shelter you from the stress and anxiety I am feeling.

This is where my faith must be put in to practice. Be still and know that HE IS GOD.

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Alli Turner said...


i actually live at home. i was at north central in minneapolis, but i left there after the fall semester last year and have been at home ever since. i am going to Southern Illinois University, in the same town that i work in...working towards my batchelor's degree in Social Work; i have about two more years left.
otherwise, still working at starbucks and spending time in our new church.

my mom is also REALLY excited to spend time with you.

again...good luck! see you soon!