Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You boys have not given up on your crusade to share a room, but I am not entirely convinced that it's time to join the two of you. I decided to give you a trial run last night. I told you that if you could go to sleep on your own while in the same room, I'd think about letting you share a room for good. Well, about five minutes in to the trial I peeked in on you guys and I couldn't see Kent. I came to find him sleeping on the floor underneath Parker's bed. "What are you doing Kent?" "We are seeing what it is like to sleep in bunk beds", replied Parker. After three times of me having to quiet you guys down, I dismissed Kent, and made him go and sleep in his own room. Parker, you pleaded for one more chance, and said that you'd sleep better together if you were in Kent's bed. I think I was too tired to argue, so I let you try that. Nope. Didn't work. The evening ended with Kent in his bed crying for Parker, Parker in his bed crying for Kent, and me in my bed crying because I can't take all the crying.

It may be a while before the two of you are roomies.
Kent, today I had to make a trip to the crawlspace and I made you stand by the door with a flashlight just in case. I am petrified of that crawlspace. I'm scared of critters that may live in there. As I was going in I said, "Kent, I do not like going in here." You said, "Don't worry Mommy. I will protect you." What a brave three year old you are!

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sharonie said...

come on do it! we had the best time as roomies!