Friday, October 2, 2009

Parker, this is what you looked like after we were order inside the stadium due to lightening. I was waiting for someone to hand you change from their pocket.

Kent, this is how we kept you occupied for the three innings we watched the game. Food. I came prepared. The best part is when you kept asking me "Where are the slides Mommy? I want to go on the slide". When I said "Ball Park", you literally thought Park. :)

Here's the three boys toughing it out...before the lightening.

Here is me with the two of you. We were 8 rows behind 1st base. The view was incredible! Too bad it only lasted for an hour.

Here we all are before the game. We're happy and dry. :)


mscottberg said...

so fun, love the pic of all of you in your cubs gear!

Karebear said...

Looks like you had sooo much fun!!! What an awesome memory for them to carry forever. Love it!!! (So, did the Cubbies win? Did their fave players end up playing?)

Mike Stenglein said...

Sad that you didn't get a full game that ended in a Cubbies win, but i love the new pic!