Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my Maternal side the MANGIALARDI's

Dominick Mangialardi married Rose (?), and believe it or not, they had 17 children. Only five (Gaspare, Palma, Angelina, Mary, and Thomas) survived to adulthood. The oldest of the children is my Grandfather, Gaspare Mangialardi. For the sake of time, I'm just going to record my Grandfather's line, and then just briefly detail the families of his siblings.

Gaspare Mangialardi (my grandfather and grandmother) married Beatrice Margliano, and they had four children, Rose Ann, Michael, Angela, and Denise.

Rose Ann Mangialardi is my mother, and she married my father, Vern Fredrick Elton and they had four children. See the previous post about my paternal side for more detailed information.

Michael Mangialardi married Lisa Mahoney, and they had four children. Joey Mangialardi married Michelle, and they have one child named Bella. Josh Mangialardi married Adrian, and they have one child named Caprice. Cara Mangialardi married Noah Morgan, and they have one child name Wyatt. Shayna Mangialardi is the youngest, and she is currently living in the Rockford area.

Angela Mangialardi married John Iozzo, and they have one child named Erica.

Denise Mangialardi married Andrea (Andy) Scimeca, and they two children named Nico and Gianna (who we call GiGi).

Grandpa Gaspare's sibling's line are as follows:

Palma Mangialardi married Frank Alberga, and they have four children. Vito Alberga married Debbie, and they have two children named Gina and John. Danny Alberga owns a restaurant in Chicago named Bella Luna cafe. Rose Ann (or little Ro as we call her) married a man named Dave. Laura Alberga married Anthony, and they have one son named Anthony.

Angelina Mangialrdi (or Lena), married Michael Scimeca and they had three daughters. Karen Scimeca is married to Bill Christiansen, and they have three children named Taylor, Nicolette, and Michael. Nicole Scimeca married Brian and they have one son. Jennifer Scimeca married Pat, and they have one daughter named Francesca.

Mary Mangialardi married Patrick Loughnane, and they have two sons named Timothy and Michael. Timothy is married to Kelly. Michael just recently was married this summer.

Thomas Mangialardi is unmarried.

This is such a fun family to be part of. Every one loves loud, laughs loud, celebrates loud, argues loud, and talks loud. We were spoiled by my Auntie Denise, who is my mom's younger sister by 15 years. That means she is 7 years older than me, and we grew up more like sisters. These are the people I call when I am sad, lonely, and need to feel loved and encouraged.
This is Grandma Bea's line.

Her mother Angela married Frank Margliano and had two children. Beatrice who married my grandfather and had four children. Johnny who was also married, and he had two daugthers.

Angela Margliano, who was my great grandmother, had three siblings. We referred to them Auntie Phil, Auntie J, and Uncle Sam. They are all deceased now.

Grandma Angela and her sister Auntie J lived in a two story apartment building in Chicago, and we used to spend almost every Saturday there during my preschool years. Autnie Sharon and I would go upstairs and downstairs, up stairs, and then back downstairs all day. We were spoiled with food, dolls, clothes, treats, and Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. Auntie Sharon spent a good portion of her time with Grandma Angela, and I spent most of my time with Auntie J. I still have journals from Auntie J and other keepsakes from her. They are in my hope chest.

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