Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I figure that if I am going to chronicle the good in your life, I have to be true and chronicle the not so good. Parker you had an incident yesterday at school, and it resulted in me having to have a phone conversation with your lovely teacher. It seems that you were working on a project with a girl, and the girl intentionally pulled your paper out of your hands and ripped it into several pieces. Being the perfectionist that you are, that did not see well with you, so you kicked her. You both got in trouble and therefore will miss out on 5 minutes of Friday Free Time. I had you write a letter of apology to both the teacher and the girl. Your teacher was laughing and said that she could see how upset you were when your project was ruined. I think you were afraid that you were going to get in trouble because your project wasn't going to be perfect. I am trying to teach you how to handle your frustrations appropriately. But, I know you made a mistake, and your heart is tender and sensitive. I was laying in bed sick last night and you came and prayed for me. Love you Slugger.


You are so lonely and extra mischeivious without your best friend around. You are making your bed every day, and trying desperately to dress yourself without any of my assistant. You are a human garbage disposal and you'll eat anything in sight...well, only if it is carbs or sugar. It's been an extra challenge to keep you busy while I work in the mornings, but overall, you've been fairly cooperative. It's so weird to run my errands with only one child, but it's been fun. I always ask you, "Kent, am I your best friend?" "No. Parker is". It's the same response I get everyday. When your brother's bus pulls up, you run to greet him as if you haven't seen him in 20 years. Every afternoon is a joyous reunion.


Angel said...

Josh does the same thing with Josiah...he runs to hug him when he gets off the bus and I love it!

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