Thursday, July 9, 2009


last night you were so entertained by the students. We had a karaoke night at one of their homes after service, and Kent you fell asleep in Hannah's lap while the ladies were singing (more like screeching) "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". How you fell asleep while 10 girls were screaming is beyond me. Parker, you were laughing so hard at Paul and David and their singing and dancing. You kept begging me to sing "Sweet Caroline" because that is the song your cousin Gigi always sings. You hid your face in embarrassment as your dad sang "Ice Ice Baby".

I love watching you interact with the "big kids." You adore them and you are comfortable being with them. Most of them (hee hee) are great examples for you to follow, and I am grateful for their influence on your lives.

You guys were troopers. We didn't get home until close to midnight, and I put you to bed in your clothes without brushing your teeth. We'll brush them extra good when you get up this morning. :)

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