Friday, February 20, 2009

I found Kent drinking from the syrup bottle this morning. The last thing this child needs is more sugar!

I picked up Parker's registration for Kindergarten. You would think that he is interviewing and applying to be President...the paper work is unbelievable. There is a note attached to the initial form that says, "For your convenience all of the other forms are to be downloaded and printed off at". Really? How is it convenient for me to sit around for a 1/2 hour printing off documents and getting them in order? The note should read, "For OUR convenience you can use YOUR time and YOUR money to print off papers and organize them in the proper order." What are my tax dollars going for? This past year our real estate taxes went up $120 a month. I think the school should use their printer and their ink and have these forms ready and available for the parents. THAT would be convenient.

ahh...that felt good to get that off my chest!


Cara said...

what has this world come to? I can't believe your are going to be sending your first born off to school!! How exciting

Megan said...


Kristy said...

ha! You crack me up... and I agree with you.

I have a friend, who has an almost two year old, and she put a cartoon on for her so that she could take a shower.... when she got out of the shower, she found her daughter squeezing syrup all over the living room floor... everywhere... the bottle was full when the girl started and was almost empty when her mom got out of the shower... can you imagine? My friend said her house smelled like the Waffle House for a few days :)

Judith and Lance said...

This was a great post. Can you believe Parker will be starting school?? Wow!! He'll probably bet the smartest kid in the class!