Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I had my first experience shopping for allergy approved foods for Kent. After almost passing out at Brookhaven's Marketplace in Mokena and paying $3.49 for six gluten free waffles, I was worried that we'd have to sell our home in order to fund Kent's new eating habits.

I then went to Trader Joe's. I have been there a few times before, but honestly the location of the store is on one of the busiest streets in the town over, and I try to avoid the traffic whenever possible. But, out of necessity I took a trip over there.

I asked a worker a question about where I could find gluten free foods, and she literally dropped the box she was stocking and ran to get a list. She personally took me and the boys up and down every isle pointing out appropriate foods. I bought organic rice pasta, gluten free cereal, granola bars, waffles ($1.99 for 8-take that Brookhaven!), rice chips, rice cakes, gluten free macaroni and cheese, and gluten free rice bread. I even bought gluten free brownie mix.

I told her that I was looking for things to have Kent snack on and she pointed out these dried salted green beans. I politely declined and insisted that Kent would not eat them. She told me that she'd open the bag and if he didn't like them I wouldn't have to pay for them. She handed Kent one green bean, he ate it, and then snatched the bag out of her hands. Kent is now addicted to "bean chips" as he calls them. It was a bit humbling for Kent to show me up like that, but I'm happy he likes dried veggies.

I left there stocked up on food safe for Kent to eat during this 10 day trial, and didn't feel like I spent the same as a car payment to do it! When I got home I called the store and spoke to the manager. I wanted him to know that this particular sales associate went above and beyond her call of duty.

Trader Joe's...you've earned yourself a faithful shopper.


Bobbi said...

I LOVE Trader Joes!!! That was very nice of you to call and let them know how helpful the girl was.

sharonie said...

i know you will be doing kashi and fiber one soon.

Megan said...


Katie said...

I LOVE TJ's wish we had it here.. I found out recently that aldi's and trader joes are owned by the same Co. Worth checking into.. aldi may have some of the same products even cheaper yet? I pray you have finally reached a conclusion on Ken't problem!

danielle said...

wow! maybe i'll start shopping there too! and...those green pea things ARE awesome!

Kristy said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Joel was so happy that you had a great experience!

Judith and Lance said...

Trader Joes is MY favorite store, I'm always telling Shar to go there. Before we moved here I had to look to see if there was a TJs and when I found that there was I told Lance it was okay to move here. Lance loves the green pea chip thingys.

Glad you didn't have to spend too much for the Kent food experiment either. I know it must be really challenging and it looks like you are doing a GREAT job. Way to go Bethany!!

And, oh one more thing -- they'll ALWAYS let you sample anything you want. Last week Lance wanted to sample figs after we watched a Law and Order where this guy kept eating figs... HAHA. And, they are WONDERFUL to take anything back if you don't like it or if spoils before it's supposed to.

Mrs. B. said...

T.J's is fabulous. Mom and I are faithful TJ.'s shoppers. Cute story: My dad can't ever remember the name of the place...he calls it "Trapper John's." Silly, right? :)

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