Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oops..I did it again

A few weeks ago I lost my keys at Parker's pre-school and the director had to drive me and Parker home. Humiliating.

I've lost my keys again. This time, it was at church. I inconvenienced several people, and I've realized I must have blonde roots. I promise, don't trust me with anything valuable. I will lose it.

Now, on a more disgusting note, here is a funny conversation Parker and I had yesterday.

"Parker, don't you dare wipe that booger on your sleeve."

In his most innocent and serious voice, "I didn't mommy. I wipe it on the wall."

Oh, like that's somehow less offensive. Boys.

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sharonie said...

okay I have lost my keys at school so many times...I have my kids look for them before they leave for the day. It becomes a game and they get so excited to look for Mrs. Sidell's keys.

I loose stuff all the's because I am trying to multi task and get other things done while holding keys....

It's not because of my blonde roots!