Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chubby eyes

"Mom, you are the meanerest!" (when I told Parker it was bedtime)

"No. Your eyes are chubby." (when I asked Parker if he loved me)

"Yes. You my best friend in the whole wide world." (when I asked Parker if he was going to miss me when he was at Gigi's house.)

"Mmmmmmm. nummm." (when Kent is taking his antibiotic)
"More!" (when Kent is done taking his antibiotic.)
"hee hee hee" (when Kent is playing in the toliet with the bath toys)
"oh no!" (when Kent dropped his blue bunny in the toliet)


Megan said...

I love how one minute Parker says you are mean and then that you are his best friend. He is already acting like a teenager with all mixed emotions. Have a great week!

sharonie said...

well your son said I have a chubby face!

Angel said...

I love it...I needed some laughs!

Judith and Lance said...

How funny! I can't wait until Bella starts saying stuff like that.

Sharon -- in regard to your above comment my neice told me that I had a big butt and that I was small but more on the medium side, like the big medium side... aren't kids the best?