Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not bad

Today I had my first experience with a mammogram. I heard tales of how painful they were (from my sis), especially for us "small chested" women. I was pleasantly surprised at how little it hurt. I wouldn't even say "hurt". It definitely wasn't comfortable or enjoyable, but it certainly wasn't painful. Do I want to do it again tomorrow? Absolutely not. I think the more awkward issue is the lack of dignity involved, but after having two children I have lost all modesty.

The radiologist said that there was nothing suspicious and that he'd see me in eleven years (when I'm 40) for another test.

On a completely random note and separate tangent, I was noticing just how different men and women think. Erik went with a few friends to hear Rob Bell speak downtown on Monday night. I wanted to know how the evening went, so I asked. Erik's response was simple..."good." I wanted details. I wanted to know who sat by who, who drove, where did they eat dinner, what was Rob Bell wearing, and other important factors. In Erik's mind, the adjective "good" was sufficient. When I began to dive deeper to pry more info from him, I could tell he was getting annoyed. I think he failed to see the relevance in my questions. Men! When will they understand that the answer "good" is truly not good enough! :)


Angel said...

Glad to hear the mammogram went well! And so you know Ronnie is the same way - I always get the same kind of answers! Men just aren't about details!

Kelly Weinberg said...

I'm glad to hear that mamogram's are not as painful as I have heard! Also, Rick is the same with his vague answers. Men!!

sharonie said...

you shold know this already about men giving vague answers becasue of our brother! It just prepares you for when Parker and Kent are older!

Megan said...

AMEN! Chris is the same way. It went good is always his answer. I do have to keep asking questions to get a little deeper and he does get annoyed too. That annoys me that he gets annoyed by me just asking simple questions. haha I am glad that your mammogram went well. I am not looking foward to getting one. My chest is on the larger side and I just don't see any fun in that. Plus I wonder when it presses down with my pacemaker being just above under my skin of my left boob will that hurt my pacer or move it? Something to ask my doctor once I get there.