Monday, November 5, 2007


I think that aside from caring for the boys, the task that consumes the most amount of time, is laundry. I try to wash and dry clothes on Mondays during the morning and afternoon, so that by 9Pm when "The Hills" is on, I can sit and fold them while watching Lauren's drama. Then during commercials, I try to put them away. This can be difficult because I have to sneak in the boys' rooms while they are sleeping and quietly hang clothes or put them in drawers.

I have some questions for all of you housewives and laundry professionals out there. How many times a week do you do laundry? Would you rather do a load a day, or spend one day doing several loads? Do you separate your clothes by colors and/or material? Do you put the majority of your garments in the dryer, or do you hang them up to dry? Do you fold your clothes in the laundry room, or do you take them in front of the T.V? Do your husbands help? Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

My best friend Angel McEneany loves to do laundry. If I remember correctly, I think it relaxes her and gives her a feeling of accomplishment. I, on the other hand, despise laundry. Other than cleaning bathrooms, it is my least favorite duty of being a housewife.

Any tips out there to make the mundane task of cleaning clothes more exciting? Any shortcuts? Any money saving tips?

When I go to put the empty baskets in the linen closet, there are inevitably clothes waiting on the floor already! I HATE LAUNDRY!!!


Janna Banana said...

that's why i'm going to soak in every last minute where all i have is my own laundry to do. JP offered to be the laungrdy man, considering he doesn't like i put all colors together. I said...ABSOLUTELY!

Angel said...

I do laundry almost every day. And yes I separte colors from white and also separate delicates. I bleach my whites a lot so that's why, but yes, I also get frustrated when I've just done a loads of laundry and find a dirty pile waiting for me in the hamper once I'm done. It's never-ending - I guess the only way to have no laundry is for the whole family to go around naked for a day! There's a solution!

sharonie said...

forget doing just need to use the laundry basket as Moses' baby basket...and play Moses with Kent and Parker!

Judith and Lance said...

Bethany - I typically do laundry in one day, but the day varies week by week. Also, I separate by color and tend to bleach anything that is white (including clothes) and hang dry all of Lance's polo type shirts, actually any of Lance's shirts and most of my shirts.