Monday, November 12, 2007


Parker and Kent stayed with my parents for a night this weekend. Erik and I actually had the night to ourselves on Saturday. We did what every married couple would do if they were home alone for a night....we went to bed early!! It was fantastic to have a night of uninterrupted sleep.

On Sunday Parker and my dad went to the store to buy tile for the house. My dad paid Parker 50 cents to help him carry the tile inside. Pop Pop then told Parker, "after we work, we can go to McDonald's and buy french fries with your money". Parker said, "No Pop Pop, this money is for Rainbows (his church club)." My heart melted as I heard of my boy wanting to give his money to God rather than spend it on french fries.

Now for the rest of the story...

On the way home from my parents Parker and I were talking about Christmas...I know it's early. He already has a drum set, but he told me he wanted a bigger drum set like the kind at church. Here is the rest of the conversation...

"Parker, those drums cost too much money. We don't have all that money."
"I know! I have money in my bank for drums!"
"There is not enough money in there. You'd have to have your bank filled with money."
"Okay. I not give my money to Rainbows anymore, so I have lots of money in my bank."
"Parker, God says to give your money to Him first at Rainbows, and then you can have some for yourself."
"But I not like that! I want my money for drums!"
"But that's not what God says."
"Okay. I got a great idea. I give my money to Rainbows and then my teachers at there give me money."

Oh how quick his generous heart changed when he realized the sacrifice involved. Earlier in the day, when he initially had his money, he wanted nothing more than to give it to God. Then, when he understood that giving away his money meant that he would not get what he wanted, he hesitated.

I know that I am the same way. Sometimes when it comes to tithing and giving to Missions, I have these great grandeous plans. Then I sit and think about what we'd have to sacrifice, and my selfishness interjects.

Parker and I both need to work on giving without hesitating, and sacrificing without regret.


banana said...
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banana said...

haha. i think it's time to instate an allowance. But not the check-mark system Mom had.."For every check you earn you get 5 cents and if you do it with a good attitude you get 10cents."
needless to say richie rarely got the whole 10 cents. haha

sharonie said...

who was it? You or Paige who gave someone something and then asked for it back? And they were like in 2nd grade least Parker hasn't done that!