Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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to write 7 interesting facts about yours truly.

1) I still sleep with a blanky.

2) I don't separate my clothes in the wash.

3) In junior high I had a crush on Danny Tanner of Full House.

4) I'm afraid of getting old and losing people I love.

5) Fall is my favorite season because of the crisp air, the colors, football, and my Birthday!!!

6) I always knew I was going to have two boys. Seriously, even when I was younger I knew.

7) I could live on chocolate (Snickers, Hershey's with almonds, Mr. Goodbar, and Take 5) and potato chips (sour cream and cheddar).


sharonie said...

you used to have snickers when we we would go to the gas station after church on Wednesday nights with dad. Then you would have snickers before your track meet too!

Janna Banana said...

danny tanner....eww! Uncle Jessie was the hot one!