Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Grandma Bea has been staying with us for a few days. It is such a treat when she is here. I had to volunteer in Parker's classroom, so I picked her up so she could stay with Kent. When I got home, all of my laundry was washed and folded, the dishwasher was empty, and Kent was asleep. I think I want to hire her full time. Then we took the boys to Chuck E Cheese in the afternoon, and I accidently hit her in the face with a basketball....that's the thanks she got for doing all of my chores.

On Sunday, our church voted to have Reverend George Flattery be our senior pastor. The vote was 91%, so I feel confident that the church is in unity and that He will have the full support of the congregation. I am excited about this transition, and looking forward to the many possibilities that this change may bring.

Oh....When I was in Parker's classroom, he wanted to play in the kitchen the whole time. I called my mom who is also a pre-school teacher and was very worried that this type of behavior was feminine. She assured me that all the boys in her class love playing in the kitchen too. Parker didn't touch any of the dolls, he just liked taking the food out of the cabinets and into the cart, and then onto the table. I went over and invited him to play blocks with me and another little boy. He accepted, and I felt good after that. When class was over, I took him to the store and bought the most masculine toy I could think of. He is now the proud owner of two ninja figurines. Usually, I take away all the weapons that these toys come with, but I was so worried yesterday that I let him keep all the swords, guns, and knives. I know, I know, but Erik is always saying that taking away a boy's weapons is emasculating.

Parker calls them his "inja's."


Judith and Lance said...

How funny! I'm nervous that Bella will be the girl playing w/ the Ninja Turtles! :) I got that tent from Babies R Us, it was a gift from my registry and she really enjoys sitting under it. It comes w/ toys to play with underneath it too. What are some good toys to buy for a 7 mo. old? Any suggestions?

Bethany Patrice said...

I only know for boys! But, there are these Fischer Price blocks that are plastic and see-through and the each have a different toy inside that rattles...we obviously have the ones with the balls inside, but I've seen some where they have other objects. Both of my kids loved these.

sharonie said...

I reserve Grandma Bea for when the baby comes....the week after mom stays, and the week after Ginny stays, I want Gradndma Bea by me!

Angel said...

Josiah also likes playing with kitchen toys, so Parker isn't being weird or feminine. I think they just enjoy opening all the doors on the microwave and oven and banging everything around!