Friday, September 28, 2007

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us. Our senior pastor (Pastor Bob Maddox) took another position last January, and we have been searching for to fill this spot since then. It has been nine months, and we are having our first candidate visit this weekend.

We have a fellowship scheduled this evening, a question and answering period tomorrow, a lunch with the pastor's wife, and then Sunday the pastor will preach and immediately following that there will be a business meeting to vote on inviting this man to be the senior pastor.

This has been a fairly extensive process, and Erik and I are praying that God's will would be done. We are anxious, well at least I am. I'll give more updates as the weekend progresses.


Happyness said...

God is in control. I truly believe that. I have a good feeling about the entire situation! Sorry you cannot be at my party tonight - but I will see you first thing in the morning! I will have questions ready.

sharonie said...

I have been praying for your church and that God would let someone be a good candidate not only to lead the church but someone who can be a good leader and supportive of the pastorl staff!

Angel said...

I pray God leads your church and staff this weekend!