Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Cubs are giving me a heart attack. I've almost lost hope in them winning. The next best thing is to hope for the Brewers to lose. C'mon Cubbies...get a grip, get some runs, and step it up.

I got my hair cut today, took Parker to the doctor to see if he had an ear infection, went grocery shopping, made eggplant parmesean, and now I am getting ready to fed the fam so I can be finished with all of my wifely and motherly duties in time for Survivor and The Office.

The end.


sharonie said...

honestly, I am so not affected by the cubs...because honestly...who thinks they will do well in the playoffs if they make it there?

Let's be honest with ourselves here!

Megan said...

I am sorry about the cubs. I use to watch them more, but like Sharonie said, "we need to be honest with ourselves!" HAHA Sorry I try to stay strong for them, but they are not trying hard enough. LOL

Have a great weekend!