Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scripture Verses

Parker has to memorize Genesis 1:1 for Pre-school..."God made the heavens and the earth"
and he has to memorize Psalm 139:14 for Rainbows at church ..."I am wonderfully made."

So, before he went to bed tonight I asked him what his verses were, and this is what he said...

"I am the heavens and the earth."

Smart kid. Instead of learning two verses, he just combined them.


sharonie said...

ahhh he tries hard. I think that is diffiuclt for a child to do...learn two verses at once. I don't blame him at all!

Megan said...

AWWW that is sooo cute. I agree with Sharonie it would be hard for him to learn two at once. But when your a PK they think you can do everything. HAHA J/K

Have a great day!