Friday, September 7, 2007

Garage Sale

This morning I am getting the boys up bright and early to go to a garage sale. I am not even looking for anything in particular. Actually, I should be having a garage sale of my own to try and minimize the stuff in my house. We don't need anymore toys, books, bikes, or furniture...I guess I'm just going to see if I can find a good deal on something..anything. I always look for my mom and sisters who are teachers, and I look for video games for my hubby. I give Parker 50 cents so he can feel like he is shopping too. He loves garage sales almost as much as Target!

I took Parker to the mall with me yesterday to buy him jeans. I prefer Children's Place jeans, and at 2 for $22, it's quite a deal. They have the adjustable waist, which is mandatory for Parker. My intention was to just go there, and then the indoor playground for a few minutes. Well, wouldn't you know New York and Co. is right next to Children's Place. I got a pair of black and white pinstripe pants for $14 and two shirts for $3.24 each. Can't beat that! My only complaint (and you always know I have one) is that I tried on the pants and saw that they had a button missing. I found another pair in the same size and paid for them. When I got home, I tried them on and they don't fit!!! They are the same size as the pair I originally tried on. Frustrating. Now, I have to go all the way back to the mall. Yesterday was my first time there in 4 months, because it's too much to lug both kids around there.


Angel said...

I hate when stuff like that happens!!! Great deals at NYC - I need to go!

Sanne said...

Good words.