Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're back!!!

We are back from our vacation. We actually came home Monday evening, but due to laundry and house work, I wasn't able to write yesterday.

We had a great time in Tennessee, and even though we were busy almost every moment, I still found it relaxing. Here are just a few highlights...

Thursday-we had a nine hour drive, an ugly encounter with the man at the front desk, a delicious dinner at the Pottery Cafe, and a weird conversation with Chasta at Food City in Pigeon Forge.

Friday-We drove through Smokey Mountain National Park, visited Clingman's Dome Lookout, walked a river rock trail, played Hillbilly Golf, and had a BBQ at the cabin.

Saturday-We went white water rafting on the Upper Pigeon River. Our guide continually hounded us to "paddle left side", and I finally snapped at him. Sorry Lucky Chuckie. Then we stopped at the Christmas Village in Pigeon Forge, found a shady but good bookstore, and ate at the famous Old Mill Cafe.

Sunday-We listened to our raft guide and visited Cade's Cove. It's an 11 mile driving trail of which you can see old cabins and churches. We also walked a five mile (round trip) trail to see the legendary Abram Falls. The wasn't so legendary. The fall was drying up, and the vigorous hike was hardly worth it. I actually enjoyed the hike more than the waterfall. Then we spent the evening walking about another two miles down the Gatlinburg strip.

Monday-We got up early so we could hike up the Roaring Fork trail to see Grotto Falls. This was only a 2 1/2 mile round trip, but it was uphill through the mountains. Again..not worth it. But along the trail we did witness a man about to kill six llamas. We spent the next 10 hours in the car back to Illinois.

We had a wonderful time, and I want to go back with the kids. I just have to invent a drug that will knock them out for the 9 hour drive. I feel relaxed, but overwhelmed with work of catching up.

All of our pictures and a more detailed itinerary are at Erik's blogspot..I'm too lazy to post them here.

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