Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

We were driving home from my parent's house on Monday night after we picked up the boys, when Parker and I had a very revealing conversation. I asked him what he did the five days that Erik and I were on vacation. I wanted him to fill me in on what he ate, where he went, how many time outs he had, etc.. So I asked him what were his favorite things. I was referring to examples from the previous few days, but this is how he responded..

"First, my favorite is Santa Claus. Second is Thomas. And Fird is Target." I think his priorities may be somewhat out of order. Where am I on that list? Why did an old fictional man with a beard beat me out? It's only August! What's he doing thinking about Christmas already? Thomas, another fictional character, finished ahead of me as well. I can understand Target being on the list (since we go there at least every other day), but what about his nurturing, providing, and loving mother.

Kent on the other hand wouldn't stop smiling when he saw me. I give him food...that makes me his favorite!

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sharonie said...

someone who was watching him probably had to tell him to be good because Santa is watching him.