Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Over these last few weeks there have been some health concerns for three members of my family. I have been praying for God to heal and restore them to the fullest. Yesterday I received fantastic news about one of the people's physical issue. Last night I was just thanking the Lord for answering the prayers on behalf of that individual and then I began to petition for the well being of the other two members of my family. I got to a point where I was just saying the name of "Jesus" over and over again. I wanted to pray more specifically and what I thought was more thorough for these loved ones, but all that would come out was "Jesus". I know that at the name of Jesus, darkness trembles. I know that at the name of Jesus, prayers are answered and people are freed. I know that at the mere mention of his name, Jesus hears and understands my heart's desires. I know that at the name of Jesus people are healed.

I began to think about the ramifications of these two other individual's getting negative reports back from the doctors. I selfishly thought about how I would be effected. I wondered how my life would change, and how I would never be the same. Unfortunately, instead of praying I was entertaining thoughts about the worst case scenario. Then, I felt that name on my lips once again. Jesus. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to let go of the burden and allow Jesus to carry it for me. It was easy for me to trust Jesus to carry my sins to the cross, but for some reason I find it difficult to let Him carry my daily burdens. I actually visualized myself handing my load to Jesus and burying my head at his feet in gratitude.

What a beautiful thing. A man died to save my soul, and if that wasn't enough, he offers to carry my burdens day after day.

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sharonie said...

i pray with the two other people that they are healed!